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Moving Narratives, 2012

A six month artist residency at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, resulting in an audio-visual exploration of the warm-ups and preparations that happen before a performance.





The Hair Archive is the result of a year of research into the world of the hair salon and people’s complex feelings about that experience. It is made up of a collection of hand-cast hairdressing scissors, audio recordings and a catalogue that document the sensations of both intimacy and threat that these particular social spaces can create. The scissors are made from reclaimed zinc and discarded hair from salon clients. This hair corresponds to a conversation that can then be heard on the audio guide.

The Hair Archive, 2011

The Salon, 2011


‘The Salon’ was a one day event in an abandoned shop in Bristol, commissioned by curatorial group Hand-in-Glove. Free haircuts were given in return for permission to record the exchanges as they happened throughout the day. Documentation took the form of drawing, chatting over tea, sound recordings and Solarplate printmaking. The engravings showed the trace of the haircut as the discarded hair and water spray fell onto the plate. 

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